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UPSC/SSC/PCS || Geography || NCERT Class 11 || Fundamentals of Physical Geography

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This course covers all the chapters of NCERT class 11th book.

Geography as a Discipline, The Origin and Evolution of the Earth, Interior of the Earth, Distribution of Oceans and Continents, Minerals and Rocks, Geomorphic Processes, Landforms and their Evolution, Composition and Structure of Atmosphere, Solar Radiation, Heat Balance and Temperature, Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems, Water in the Atmosphere, World Climate and Climate Change, Water (Oceans), Movements of Ocean Water, Life on the Earth, Biodiversity and Conservation

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  • Aadithya Raj


    Geography classes are the best that I had ever experienced.Thanks for helping us.

30 thoughts on “UPSC/SSC/PCS || Geography || NCERT Class 11 || Fundamentals of Physical Geography”

    1. Videos are same. By purchasing the course, you get additional benefits in the form of Short notes for revision and quizzes for self assessment.

  1. Can I download your video,if once I that I can repeat video twice or thrice. & For how long will the video valid I;e period of validity

    1. You cannot download the videos, but you can watch them any number of times. There is no restriction.

      The validity of all the courses is 5 years from the date of purchase.


    Respected Sir, Yesterday I ordered a course on ookul which includes Chapter-4 climate. Videos of this chapter is also available on YouTube except part-5 &7. But today when I came to watch Part 5 out of my order, I’m not even seeing Chapter-4 climate in the course. Kindly help me into it.

  3. I have purchased your course on 1 sep 2020 but nothing had appear on my course section. I have proof of successful payment . Now tell me what I have to do

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